OOP(Object Oriented Programming)其名源于计算机编程架构,意为“面向对象的程序设计”,程式具有“继承,多态,抽象”等特征。

OOP 是一家多元化艺术创作工作室,设立于上海,根植都市土壤之中。OOP 由艺术家林子楠创办于2014年, 融合古典与现代,致力于展示独特的文化和观念以及现代中国不断变化的美学生机。OOP 现涉足艺术项目,展览、艺术周边、跨界合作等。

OOP is a multi-discipline creative studio based in Shanghai with its roots firmly planted in urban culture. OOP was founded in 2014 by artist ZINAN and it is integration of classic and contemporary,committed to showcasing unique cultures and perceptions as well as modern day China’s ever-evolving artistic aesthetic.  OOP projects include exhibitions, creation of lifestyle products, public art projects, and cross-border brand partnerships.

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